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Good morning Glenn, was amazing again! Totally different and having still a lot of energy👍🏻. Not looking behind..., but look forward and make that kind of decisions that makes you happy! So... let’s sing together on Thursday as well 👍🏻👍🏻

I still enjoying my happiness since Sunday!! Today I’ve given two of your cards to Evelyn and Melba. I hope they call you. I didn’t explain too much but enough that they know how amazing is the lomi lomi experience...

Aloha Glenn! Thank you for giving me a really good time in the "temple of Marit". You made me relax, and it was because of the good way you explained everything and how you are. Thank you!  I write to you because  I want to share what I feel is happening with me after the session. First of all, it was like my brain was clean. Things in school that has been quite difficult this season, felt clear. Second, I slept 7 hours without waking up! In the morning, I woke up so happy and with no stress. Also new record the last weeks. And again I saw the mountains, the small details. Also I got a spirit to fight. Like a power to say and do things that maybe it s difficult saying, but it has to be said. I hope you finally got something to eat! After two different choirs and a massage.......Nos vemos. Saludos de Marit.

“My session with Glenn has been a deeply healing and profound experience. He holds a transformative and sacred space. I felt safe to surrender, trust the process, connecting me with the divine within me and all creations. If you are looking for an experience that goes beyond your body, touching the very essence of your soul, Glenn is your man.”

“Mi session con Glenn ha sido sanadora y poderosa. Glenn sostiene un espacio transformativo y sagrado. Me sentí segura para soltar y confiar plenamente en el proceso, reconociendo la divinidad en mi y el entorno. Si buscas una experience que va más allá del cuerpo, que toca la esencia de tu alma, Glenn es tu hombre!”

Nathalie Alburjas, Conscious Branding + Self:Mastery 1:1

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