Why Lomi-lomi Therapeutic Massage?

Estás estresado.

El trabajo no está yendo tan bien como esperaba.

Su familia todavía sufre daños por encierro, las emociones están en un punto de quiebre.

Encuentras los vientos del otoño agotador.

Le duelen los músculos al volver a practicar deporte.

La recuperación de Coronavirus todavía no te está recuperando financiera o emocionalmente.

Siente dolor de espalda, dolor de cuello, tensión en los hombros, opresión en el pecho.

La vida es un reto.

¿Dónde está el entusiasmo que tenías hace unos meses?

A pesar del extraño nombre, Lomi-lomi tiene beneficios muy prácticos: sentirá una relajación profunda, tal vez más allá de cualquier cosa que haya experimentado antes conscientemente. Su cuerpo desatará sus nudos y liberará calambres musculares. Su mente estará más centrada, más consciente del panorama general y sabrá exactamente qué hacer aquí y ahora. Los desafíos que parecían demasiado difíciles de manejar presentarán de repente una solución fácil y simple. Establecerás una intención y la perseguirás. Superarás tus expectativas.

Malama pono - Atesorate

You’re stressed.

Work is not going as smoothly as you had hoped.

Your family is still suffering lockdown damage, emotions are at a breaking point.

You find the winds of autumn exhausting.

Your muscles are sore from getting back to practising sport.

The bounce back from Coronavirus is still not recovering you financially, or emotionally.

You feel back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, tight chest.

Life is a challenge.

Where’s the enthusiasm you had a few months ago?


Despite the strange-sounding name, Lomi-lomi has very practical benefits: You will feel a deep relaxation, perhaps beyond anything you have consciously experienced before. Your body will untie its knots and muscle cramping will release. Your mind will be more centred, more aware of the big picture while knowing exactly what to do in the here and now. Challenges that appeared too much to handle will suddenly present a solution of ease and simplicity. You will set an intention, and go for it. You will exceed your expectations.

Malama pono -- Treasure yourself


I just wanted to share the transforming experience of the Hawaiian massage that Glenn gives. Yesterday I had the chance to experience the whole process of the massage, but I would like to explain that it is not the massage itself that for me was different, but also the whole experience of first sitting down on a comfortable sofa, ina fantastic typical Altean house in such a calming atmosphere when he first started asking me for the purpose or purposes of what I wanted to transform or see changes after the massages, and the combination of his relaxing and comforting voice that invites you to talk freely about what annoys you and be open, it really has an effect once he massaging on you. I have to say that I was very surprised that, I don't know hoe, he knew exactly where my pain was or where there were blockages in my energy. I feel very grateful, and although it has been just one day after the experience, I can feel that I am releasing uncomfortable issues related to my life, like throwing out my own personal angriness in life. Thank you so much Glenn for the massage and all the talking part. it really helped me to express my feelings and I felt so much gratitude in the way he treats your body and the gentleness of his hands. I felt at times emotional, but today I feel lighter. It is a worthy experience I recommend to everybody.


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